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Dr. Joseph Levine
Nutra Health Store Medical Director

I really saw a change. By Dr. Joseph Levine

I just wanted to drop you a line and THANK YOU for creating PHGH . Since you first introduced PHGH to me I've been taking it as a part of my daily blend and I can honestly say this is one of the best supplements I've ever taken. Not only have I found myself experiencing much larger erections than ever before, my sex drive is at an all time high and I feel like I am ready to go at a moments notice. Thank you for for taking the time to create this and please accept my kudos for a job well done.

" can honestly say that I have seen a HUGE difference in my overall size and performance". KW from Beverly Hills, CA

I am 50 years old and have been using PHGH for five months now. I can honestly say that I have seen a HUGE difference in my overall size and performance. Libido has never been a problem for me, but I have definitely seen an increase there as well. The biggest difference I see from before PHGH to after, is the size and strength of the erection, and the intensity of the orgasms. I feel like a teenager again. This is definitely the best natural male enhancement product that I have ever tried.

"Last night, WOW! I felt like a king and I know my girlfriend enjoyed it". CG from Newport Beach, CA

I have tried Viagra and that worked, but who can afford Viagra when having sex on a regular basis. I have tried Man-Up and have to say the results were mixed. Now it has been just over a week of me using PHGH, and I am extremely happy. Last night, WOW! I felt like a king and I know my girlfriend enjoyed it as well. Twice in fact before my first. She has the mentality that good sex is in direct relations to the emotional connection. While I do agree to a point, as a man, we know that sometimes we just can't perform to the level we would like to. PHGH may be the difference in letting that one get away or keeping her completely satisfied.

"Even when I really not in the mood all my wife has to do is kiss me and look out". WS from Wellington, UK

Guy's am almost 66 and was taking Viagra as I needed it, but I can honestly say something has made me a better. Even when I really not in the mood all my wife has to do is kiss me and look out. So PHGH THANKS. GREAT PRODUCT

"The wife is very pleased to say the least.".NP from Salt Lake City, UT

I have tried almost every pill they make and have spent a lot of money doing it and none of them work. PHGH I got just to try one last time and I was impressed with the results , it really works. My girlfriend doesn't even no I take pill and she asked me what I did differently because it was better and longer sex than I ever before. So I thank u very much for finally making a pill that works.

" I'm 75 years old and feel like 30".JB from Cincinnati, Oh

Hey guys, I'm 75 years old and feel like 30. I'm now on my second order of PHGH and swear this stuff works. I've tried other brands but nothing works like this product from John Lawrence. I can feel it working for increased length and thickness and it feels grand. It helps with my self confidence as well as major help with my performance. So, at age 75 I can tell you that you have a grand future sexually with this product. Good Luck to each of you reading this. And John, thanks for all your effort to bring a great deal of satisfaction to your customers and the ladies they pleasure. Carlos

"Harder and easier to obtain erections". TC from Madison Wisconsin

This is a great product! It did for me all that it claims it's supposed to do. It's the truth! Harder and easier to obtain erections, less recovery time and a whole load of confidence. The wife is very pleased to say the least. Thank you for this product, John. It's a game changer for a guy in his 40's!

"Consistent results… I feel like my young self again.". JT from Manhatten, NY

Consistent results… I feel like my young self again. The effects of Peyronie's Disease left me terribly embarrassed and atrophied. But the resulting blood flow improvement from this product has restored girth both flaccid and erect, as well as boosting confidence!

" I was astounded by how hard and thick my erection was.". Anonymous

After a VERY thorough search of these types of products time and time again, i kept stumbling across positive reviews of PHGHrx. Being in my early 40's I had started to suffer with lack of libido and maintain an erection. I read the other products claims about making you 4 inches bigger blah, blah, but John and PHGHrx don't make that claim, just thicker, bigger erections that last longer witha money back guarantee, so i had nothing to lose. Living in the UK, it only took a total of 10 days to ship to me from the USA, started taking it straight away. Day 2 and I had sex with my wife (the first time in 2 weeks) and I was astounded by how hard and thick my erection was and it felt like i was having sex when i was in my 20's. ONLY 10 capsules in and I feel far more confident about having more fulfilling longer sex. The best thing is, I suffer NO side effects, i was worried about headaches as I had got them with the others, but nothing like that and I also seem to have more energy. Couldn't recommend this highly enough, well done John, outstanding product.

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